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Road Closures on Coast Blvd. Will Not Affect Cave Store Operations

Despite recent road closures on Coast Blvd., the Cave Store will continue offering tours of the Sunny Jim Sea Cave.

Issues regarding the stability of Cook's Crack, a sea cave a few minutes south of the Sunny Jim sea cave, have sparked city intervention. Concerns of the cave's collapse came after an analysis by expert geologists showed significant risk. We would like to stress that the unstable cave is NOT the sea cave we offer tours into but in fact is south of ours.

This stabilization project will close sections of Coast Blvd. to through traffic and parking for at least six weeks. The sections of the road that are closed begin just after our shop.

Luckily, the lot outside our shop is still open to visitor parking. If that is full, we would recommend parking either in the residential neighborhood between Ivanhoe Ave. and Prospect St or down Coast Blvd. near Scripp's Park. Our store is less than a five minute walk from both these areas. Also consider the environmentally friendly option of taking public transportation to see us! The 30 bus line has a stop at Torrey Pines Road and Prospect St., roughly five to ten minutes walk from the Cave Store.

On the below map, areas that usually have available parking are highlighted. The closed off section of the road is scribbled out in red. Bus stops are circled in blue.

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