Welcome to the Cave Store, a historic San Diego tourist attraction. We are La Jolla’s longest running business and home to a century-old tunnel leading into the spectacularly breathtaking Sunny Jim Sea Cave.

     Take fifteen minutes out of your day to descend 145 wooden stairs through the tunnel into the cave, as visitors of all ages before you have done since 1903. From the dry safety of a dock over the ocean, marvel at the picturesque view of the ocean flooding into the sea cave. The stunning, unique scene is the product of 200,000+ years of the sea’s waves cutting into the sandstone cliffs of La Jolla Cove. 

     Self-guided tours into the Sunny Jim Sea Cave are available year-round. We charge $5 for anyone 18 or older, $3 for anyone 3-17 years old, and nothing for infants 2 or younger. A $1 discount is available for local university students. No other discounts are available.

Fun Facts:

  • Besides tourists, visitors to the Sea Cave include crabs, fish, seagulls, algae, and the occasional seal or sea lion. 

  • The tunnel was dug out using picks and shovels by two Chinese laborers hired by Professor Gustav Schultz, a German immigrant, artist, and engineer.

    • When it opened to the public, admission cost a quarter. The tunnel had no electric lights, handrails, or stairs, with only rope to guide the way.

  • There is also substantial evidence suggesting that smugglers used to hide their boats into the cave and use the tunnel to bring illicit goods, such as alcohol and opium, as well as illegal immigrants into the country.